• March 21, 2021

Poker Strategy For Stacking the Odds

A poker strategy is a very personal thing, we all have differing ways and degrees of dealing with stressful situations and poker is no different. Some of us will want to adopt a poker strategy that looks to reducing risk, preferring to go with safer options that whilst they may have limited dividends, are still a guaranteed result Cmd368.

Some of us are more daring, more willing to take a risk and so will rely on a poker strategy that is more reactive and forward pushing, prepared to make a loss we chase after the big prizes. Our personality is the overarching factor that influences how we play poker, although sometimes, it may be necessary to adopt a different tact in order to win or at least get ourselves out of a tight spot.

For example, if you are a naturally blunt and aggressive poker player this will be ideal in a game filled with amateurs and novices because you will be able press home the advantage of their lack of practical experience. On the other hand such an aggressive style of play will not be quite so well suited if you are up against seasoned poker players who may be prepared to call your bluff.

Make sure you set your bankroll at a reasonable level. Don’t fall into the fallacy of winning a few games and then thinking that you can manage the high stake games, because you will end up losing big time. As a general rule, try to ensure you have a bank roll that will allow you to stay in roughly 100-200 games. Also bear in mind that poker is a game that you will never truly master, i.e. there is always something new to learn, be it a new way of playing, a new card combo or way of assessing odds. The guys who claim to have an unbeatable poker strategy are those people who end up losing a lot of money real quick.

The choice of poker strategy which you rely on will also majorly depend on the sort of poker that you are playing because certain types of poker will have more (or less) desirable card combos compared to the other types. For example, if you are playing Texas Hold’em, then having high pairs as a starting hand will prove to be excellent, either you can expand on the hand already, or if the board is not kind to you, there is always the possibility of winning due to the highest hand rule for Texas Hold’em.

Just after the flop, if the flop goes against any high pairs you may have then you are well advised to fold immediately regardless of the level of betting, the odds simply are not in your favour. Too many people hold a semi decent hand and then assume that they can coast through to a easy victory and it is exactly this complacency that costs them big time.


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