• July 14, 2020

The Star Wars Gamble

However, from the moment George Lucas had the vision with this particular picture and began drafting those ancient scripts, it was evident this is going to be a picture that would be similar to nothing that was seen earlier.

George Lucas Cmd368 not just a new kid on the block Hollywood if he started wanting to receive his majestic space trilogy made. While he was not the Hollywood power house he is now, he had some authenticity after making the delightful and successful American Graffiti. But even in that ancient movie making adventure, Lucas was revealing himself to be a visionary as American Graffiti went on the place in motion the 50s nostalgia trend, was spun off into the powerful”Happy Days” TV series and launched the brilliant career of Harrison Ford.

You’d think with this success, studios would have experienced the genius of George Lucas and embraced any future movies he’d in mind. But from the very beginning this movie was a gamble. The vision was unique and untried as well as studios, that meant risk. Too usually daring and innovative film making is not successful in a economic level. Studios want to go with matters which are going to make money for sure. That is why studio after studio turned down the chance to make Star Wars, even Universal Studios, who left American Graffiti, passed on it as it was a”ridiculous thought.” It is possible to imagine how the studio ate those words if Luca’s sci fi epic took the movie industry by storm and netted billions of dollars to get Fox Studios since they were willing to”take a chance” on George Lucas’s incredible vision.

Star Wars created innovative narrative telling and movie making thoughts that were untried before so far ahead of their own time which we miss that in those times of movies that are entirely computer generated. There’s no wonder that the effects had alot to do with its own gigantic appeal. Nobody has seen such realistic impacts done before. If you may remember the very first time you watched Episode 4, then the initial Star Wars to come out, that moment at the beginning when you notice that huge Star Destroyer is just one that literally takes your breath away. And the consequences simply kept on coming before amazing battle scene at the ending at which the audience literally felt as they were right there at the fighter together with Luke Skywalker, employing the force to blow off the enemy star ship and retreat whilst the fireball erupted throughout the monitor. It was a cinematic victory.

We are thankful this one studio and a amazing film manufacturer were brave enough to create a movie that has been unlike any before it. We, the movie going people, captured this lovely Star Wars series to enjoy and talk about with our kids for generations in the future and the movie industry would not ever be exactly the same as they took this chance.


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